May 30, 2020

Couple Session Guide

An Overview

Whether its to prepare for your Wedding Day session or just to celebrate a chapter in your lives, we will spend an afternoon photographing the two of you being you. That could be lazing around your apartment, having a picnic at the beach, or hiking a beautiful trail, I want you to see yourselves in your images.

If its a Pre-Wedding Session it’s a great way for us to get to know each other before the day, get comfortable being in front of the camera, test out your makeup artist and get images for your Save The Dates.

With all that being said, if you are anything like me and fall under the category of “I feel awkward in front of a camera” and the idea of someone just telling you to act natural seems to make this worse then you’ve come to the right guy. There are factors you can take into control before a single photo is taken that will make it you feel more comfortable, relaxed, confident, and get the most out of the Session.

I’ve compiled some of Pro-Tips below for making the most of your Couple Session.


Sophia & Jerome


How to make the most of your couple session.

Tip I

Timing is Everything

When to schedule your couple session for?

If this is for a Pre-Wedding shoot and you’re planning to use these photos for Save The Dates (which go out six to eight months before your wedding) or a Wedding Website, Id recommends doing it 10 Months before the Wedding day. If you have a longer engagement period, or you’re not planning to use images for anything time-sensitive, you have more flexibility.

In terms of season, I recommend avoiding the middle of Summer and Winter if possible as the weather can be quite extreme, and in the case of Summer, a lot of popular locations busy. Spring and Autumn are ideal as they average temperatures and have nicer, more colorful foliage which adds colour to the backdrops.

For the time of day, I would recommend the last 1.5hrs before sunset.  This time is known to photographers as ‘Golden Hour’. This is when the Sun is lowest in the sky, where the atmosphere acts as a natural softbox creating more flattering light for people and providing a beautiful golden tint that makes everything look nicer.

Tip II

Location, Location, Location

Where should your Couple Session take place?

While Im open to any ideas you have, I always like to be involved in the process to try to make sure that In has 3 key characteristics;  enough natural light, enough space & is sentimental to you both. An example of a sentimental spot might be —a first-date location, your favorite café, or the trail you do hikes on. It’s also worth giving me a heads up in case there are any special permits I need to acquire allow permission to photograph there.

If you and your partner love travel, you can also opt to get your engagement photos on vacation. I live between Sydney, Australian, and London in the United Kingdom; where I spend roughly 6-Months in each if you’re vacationing in Europe during Summer, there is a good chance I’m only a short train ride or flight away.


Outfits & Styling

What should you both wear to the Couple Session?

Less is more when it comes to selecting the perfect Couple Session outfit. Unless you are a confident stylist, I would recommend sticking to soft and neutral colors for a classic, timeless look. Muted tones like beiges, taupes, blacks, and whites are the most flattering usually won’t clash with each other or your environment. Avoiding clothing with text or logos that can be distracting is also a key tip.

While it may be tempting to wear a brand-new outfit, comfort should be your first priority—but that doesn’t mean activewear and crocs with socks. You can still buy a new outfit, but don’t have your session be the first day you put it on. Wear it to a dinner first, get a few your partner or your friends to take some snaps on their phone with you in it, and see if you truly like how it looks on and when photographed. Nothing’s worse than realizing during the shoot that your shirt wrinkles terribly, it doesn’t really fit, or you just think it’s not ‘you’ and you cant get comfortable.

If this is also a Pre-Wedding Sessions this is also a great opportunity to work with your Wedding-Day Makeup Artist, too. Think of the Session as Makeup trial run. If you arent too knowledgeable in the beauty space, it can be really helpful to see how makeup reads in photographs. What can feel like a lot of makeup often doesn’t show up as dramatically on camera as it does in the mirror.

Tip IV

Keeping it real

How to get natural, authentic-looking images from your Session.

It is my aim to capture authentic moments and connections. I do not come to these sessions with a long list of awkward poses to tick off. I’ve always got the best results from placing you two in a scene with nice lighting and offering cues for interaction that draw out authentic emotions to in a way that feels natural and unforced.

I will not be focusing on the “look-at-the-camera-and-say-cheese” types of images during our shoot. I typically capture a few of these for you, to add some variety and as an additional option but truth be told, these rarely end up being the couples, or my, favourites from the day.

If I can ask for anything, I really want you to be you, and to be just that– yourselves. Of course, you will feel awkward –  most people don’t normally have a photographer following them around. My best advice is to just accept that you are going to feel a little awkward. Once you come to accept that feeling early in the session, it starts to becomes easier to have relax and enjoy the process.

Booking Details

Contract & Payment
A signed agreement and full payment plus any travel fees is required upfront to secure the Couple Shoot. There is no minimum or maximum notice required to lock in a date, and due to their flexible nature, there is no penalty for rescheduling the Session due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Travel for Couple Sessions
Travel expenses are charged as exactly what they are to me and therefore will be situationally variant. While my dates are always changing, I typically have a rough travel schedule planned out a year in advance, so if you are planning on getting your session done Internationally, feel free to reach out as early as you like.


$750 + GST