April 17, 2020



Choosing a photographer is one of the most important wedding details. The day will be over before you know it and the photographs that have been taken of you, your family and friends are all that will remain. If the day was captured well, the images will transport you back to the fleeting moments of the day, not allowing you to forget any of the details.

If you are reading this, you are also becoming quickly familiar with how foreign, complicated, expensive and stressful the whole wedding planning process can be and my goal is to make, at least the photography part, as easy as possible.

The Intimate Destination Wedding packages have been designed with this simplicity in mind. The package is just one flat rate that includes all my photography coverage, editing, flights, accommodation, visas, insurance fees, etc.

"Emma & Jackson"

"The Bali-Villa destination Wedding of Chrystal & Brett, featured in Maire Claire"


The Intimate Destination Package has been designed for smaller sized destination weddings with under 100 guests. In my experience, it’s usually been overkill to have 2nd photographer for these kinds of days and cutting it down to just myself reduces my fees significantly. This allows me to offer a package that’s more relevant to the needs of an Intimate Destination Wedding.

One of my favorite things about covering these kinds of weddings is that there is usually more planned for the time away than just the wedding and so I’m able to include coverage of pre and post-wedding events to add to the full story and memories of your trip. Pre/Post-Wedding events can be anything from rehearsal dinners, group activities/tours, a couple shoot on location or a recovery-day by the pool with family and friends.


These are my absolute favorite weddings to cover! The smaller guests list means its only the most important people to you are attending, the location factor always produces beautiful shots and it allows me to do my favorite thing in the world, which is travel. For these reasons, my rates & inclusions for the Intimate Destination Package are super competitive.