Peri & Rob | Country WeddingLithgow, NSW

Was lucky enough to have had Peri & Rob’s day featured in Hello May Magazine, the below text has been copied from the article;

“Tinder matched 3/1/16, officially together six months later, engaged within a year, married within 18 months. When you know, you know. LOL.” OK, so we already like these guys… Then we got a look at their wedding pics and it went to another level. The bride is an interior designer, so I guess you could say she knows what she’s doing, but WOW. Enjoy guys, the awesome Jack Henry documented it on camera for us all, and don’t miss the video from The Barefoot Bride at the very bottom. Inspiring is an understatement!

The Venue
“It was decided long before the proposal! It’s an amazing and special location that we often go to and share with friends and family, only two and a half hours from Sydney.”

The Vibe
“Being an interior designer, concept is life. The concept for the day was Vikings go to the Polo- which looks exactly as it sounds. We wanted a Nordic theme with drinking horns, signalling horns, family crest flags, teepees and hides that would suit the landscape, but also a refined elegance that would complement the venue and not look over the top themed. We didn’t have bridesmaids, we had shield maidens who protect and uplift, and no groomsmen, but a band of brothers who encourage and high-five.”

The Dress
“I had ordered a different jumpsuit online and then five weeks out, I decided against it. Celyna (of Ziolkowski) was my second phone call (after Mum), and she was our lovely and calm guide to get exactly what I wanted. I took in three pieces from my wardrobe that I wear to death and knew that a blend of these, with a cape (of sorts), would make me happy and comfortable. Celyna is amazing.”

Memorable Moments
“Riding off for our first moments alone together on the quad bike was magical and walking through the bush, climbing up to the top of the rock was beautiful. We could see the whole party from above and felt so loved. Lots of memorable speech one-liners, the bonfire, open air starlight dancing, and being on the shoulders of friends while everyone was in a circle around us singing. Our first dance was a Sonny and Cher duet with tambourines and a backup team of maracas. Having percussion instruments for the dance floor went off, and late-night snacks was a massive hit.”

“Concept quickly and clearly. Build rapport with your suppliers, and only chose ones that you like as people, not just services- that makes all the difference for the vibe of the day. I was determined that the vendors would be key to a harmonious lead-up. Only people that are proud of their work and are happy to be two and a half hours from Sydney in the wind, rain or heat. Try to limit movements and sections in the venue so people don’t get segregated or lost. And when something goes pear-shaped, don’t panic, there is always a solution, but the good ones only come when you’re calm!”

Cinematographer The Barefoot Bride
Event Planner & Stationary Peri Mooney (Bride)
Stylist Bespoke Country Wedding
Ceremony & Reception Private Property
Catering Bluesalt Catering
Food Truck Little Gracey
Hire Items, Teepee & Lighting KataLane Event Hire
Entertainment Duke
Celebrant Tamara Celebrant
Portable Toilets Portable Powder Rooms
Glamping Tents Simple Pleasures
BRIDE Bridal Jumpsuit Ziolkowski
Tees AS ColourMonograma
Shoes Jimmy Choo
Hair Koca Hair
Makeup Felicia Matteo Black
GROOM Suit & Groomsmen Suits M.J. Bale
Shirt, Vest, Tie & Shoes SuitSupply

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