Nerdia & Sten | Athol Hall WeddingSydney, Australia

The story of Nerida & Sten began at a small bar in the Inner West of Sydney. He bought her a drink, she loved his French accent and two years and one baby later, they were engaged. Sten asked Nerida to marry him spontaneously over breakfast one day, not having a ring on him at the time, he tied a piece of yellow string around her finger.

Both professionals in the world of IT, Sten as a Product Manager and Nerida as a Business designer for a start-up. Although, Nerida recently left the tech world to become a full-time mum to their toddler. Alot of Stens family flew in from Paris for the wedding, and they chose Athol Hall specifically to show off the view of Sydney harbour to their visiting relatives.

Wedding shot as part of the  Folk & Follow Collective.

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