“Photographer Jack Henry grew up in Freshwater, a quiet surf town in the heart of Sydneys Northern Beaches. While it wasn’t till a much later age that he started exploring photography, his creativity was evident from an early age and persisted through teenage years in the form of traditional arts. Jack first picked up a camera while studying a Degree in Computer Science at RMIT, and what began as a creative outlet, soon became an all-out obsession. It wasn't long before he was working full-time as a Fashion Photographer and travelling all over the world.

While Jack's fashion career had him shooting for brands including Marc Jacobs, Underarmour, Swarovski, Vogue, Grazia, GHD, Alice McCall & more; it wasn't long before he discovered his real passion lay in capturing weddings.

The beautiful locations, everyone dressed up and dancing the night away with friends and family. Being creative in that environment is his passion and it shows in the quality of his work. The unique style Jacks developed is informed by his background in Classical Drawing and Oil Painting.

As a self-taught Photographer, he wasn't trained to think with a modern photographers mindset and his inspiration comes from the master artists of history like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Raphael. His mission is that the colours and composition of his images remind you of classical paintings rather than those of a digital photograph.”


Choosing a photographer is one of the most important wedding details. The day will be over before you know it and the photographs that have been taken of you, your family, and friends are all that will remain. If the day was captured well, the images will transport you back to the fleeting moments of the day, not allowing you to forget any of the details.

In my opinion, the best Wedding Photography is natural and tells a story. It’s discreet, unobtrusive, and never staged. A good wedding photographer will learn about what matters to you, your vision for the day, and will do whatever it takes to make sure it’s captured faithfully.

If it is important to you, it should be captured, whether it’s a photograph with your parents or a photograph of the bowtie you’re making your dog wear to the ceremony, no moment is too small.

For the majority of the day, I’d like you to not even realize I’m there, capturing everything from the sidelines allowing you to enjoy the party you’ve spent a year planning. The last thing I want is for you to feel like you’re at a photoshoot.

I don’t want to just capture the day as it is, I want to capture how it feels, the “outtakes’ and all the beautiful unscripted moments you wouldn’t have noticed as they happened. In the instances I do step in to offer guidance during the Couple Session, it’s more about cues for natural interaction, to help you relax and create authentic moments that don’t look awkward.

Check out the “Testimonials” page to hear what my past couples have said about their experience.



While I still do some fashion work – I’ve mostly transitioned to focusing on Bridal Fashion, I shoot a majority of the Fashion Editorials for Hello May Magazine and have photographed Bridal Campaigns and social media content all over the world for labels including; One Day Bridal, Rue De Seine, Tara Lauren, Karen Willis Holmes, Prea James, Lover Society & more.

All this experience in Fashion has taught me how to use lighting to capture people in the most flattering way possible. Highlighting your natural beauty and hiding any imperfections.

While the candid moments throughout the day are invaluable to the story of the wedding, the portraits on the day are some of the most important images you’ll ever have taken. These are the main pictures that will sit on your parent’s walls, go up on Instagram, and most importantly – the Images that in 30 years’ time you can show your grandkids and say “Look how hot we used to be!”