Struggling with no formal education path or clear career progression, and bombarded by scattered, often contradictory advice, I was utterly lost when I started turning my photography hobby into a business.

Questions plagued me: Which gear is best? How do I secure wedding bookings? What's essential in a contract? How can I feature in magazines? And, crucially, how do I attract clients who value my work enough to fly me internationally?

The turning point for me was not just trial and error, but also the invaluable guidance from experienced photographers who had previously faced these same challenges. They offered insights specifically tailored to my situation, a beacon of light in a sea of uncertainty.

Now, having navigated through these turbulent waters to a successful, thriving business, I'm passionate about paying it forward, just as others did for me. I'm currently offering a limited number of personalized mentoring sessions each month, dedicated to helping you carve your own path in the world of wedding photography. If you don't want to go on this journey alone, send me an email to reserve a spot on the waitlist: